Barred Owl getting eye exam in our Wildlife Care Center

Patient of the Week: Barred Owl

After being struck by a car, this Barred Owl was brought into our Wildlife Care Center with injuries to their head, including weakness, a dull affect, bruising and damage to one of their eyes but, thankfully, no broken bones. After weeks of care, we were able to release it back to the wild.

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Wilson's Warbler on diagonal branch with green leaves in the background

Rethinking Bird Names

Of the 149 birds of North America that have honorific names, all of them are named after white people. Whether they were named after the “discoverer” of the birds (Wilson’s Warbler, for example, named by Alexander Wilson) or in honor of someone else (like Franklin’s Gull, named in honor of the leader of a scientific expedition), these birds were all named in a time and place where only white men were allowed to be in these positions of power and privilege.

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