5 Reasons to Start Your Own Birdathon Team

There are still spaces available on some of our expert-led Birdathon teams, but another great option is to create your own team. You still get checklists to keep track of your sightings and lapel pins with this year’s Birdathon logo for each participant. 

For those who have been considering flying solo this year, here are our reasons on why you should create your own team.

  1. Go whenever you want. Birdathon teams can go out anytime in May or early June. Your trip can be as short or as long as you want — a morning walk or a weekend adventure.
  2. Go wherever you want. Take a trip to a local refuge or count birds during a weekend at the coast – it’s up to you! Some people have even turned overseas vacations into a Birdathon.
  3. Birding with friends. Bring along your favorite birding buddies or some people that you’d like to introduce to birding. Have some coworkers or family members that like birding? Make a team together!
  4. Coming up with a fun team name. Bird puns encouraged. Need ideas? How about “Veery Good Time”, “No Egrets”, “Accipiterrific”, “Scrub Jay Walkers”, or “Pintailgating.”
  5. Raising money to support Bird Alliance of Oregon’s mission. You and your team members will gather pledges and then find as many birds as you can on your trip. Ask your friends and family to make flat-amount pledges or ramp up the excitement by getting pledges on a per-species basis. It all goes to help Bird Alliance of Oregon’s conservation, education, and wildlife rehabilitation work.

How to get started: Click here to create your own team, or email Sarah Swanson, Birdathon Coordinator, for any other Birdathon questions at birdathon@birdallianceoregon.org.