Online Watercolor Painting Class with Ronna: The Lazuli Bunting

Bringing a splash of color, the Lazuli Bunting will brighten up your day. The males are a burst of gem-like blue as they make their way northward through Oregon. In watercolor we can explore such blues, presenting this lovely bird in a painting worth stopping to look at. Join Ronna in this online zoom class to learn about the distinguishing marks, pattern and colors of the Lazuli Bunting!

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A watercolor painting of a House Finch.

Watercolor Painting Online Class with Ronna: The House Finch

The cheerful sound of the male House Finch reminds us of warmer days. Learn how to paint this lovely songbird alongside Ronna Fujisawa during this online watercolor class. Learning how to use colorful grays together with brighter colors will make your paintings sing! In this class students will learn more about mixing color and creating harmony with watercolor.

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A trio of different Oregon orchids with a black background.

Orchids of Oregon

What makes orchids such a special group of plants? Together we will learn about orchid evolution and ecology, and go through some of the beautiful and bizarre orchid species native to the Pacific Northwest.

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