Baby bird sits on a scale with intake paperwork nearby.

In the Admit Room

Spend a day in the life of Wildlife Care Center Manager Stephanie Herman as she juggles baby bird feeding, animal intakes, hotline calls, and more as she works alongside our team to keep the center running for more than 3,700 animal patients this year.

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A Black-bellied Plover in molt

Field Notes: Molt Strategies

During late summer the plumages of young birds are fresher and not overly worn. Adults on the other hand show dull, worn feathers. In the fall adults have a full molt including the wings and tail feathers. Juveniles have a full body molt in the fall a month or so later than the adults, but retain their tail and primary and secondary wing feathers. 

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A photo of Keia Booker in the outdoors

The Violence in Silence

BIack, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) have felt the violence of silence for centuries. Envision racism as a fire whose flames have been stoked for too long—not only by violent oppressors, but by the breath of individuals and institutions that have remained silent against racism, slowly and almost effortlessly breathing life into it.

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People of Color Outdoors: A Fast-growing Community Group Organizing Inclusive and Safe Outdoor Outings

Generations of people of color have become disconnected from nature due to displacement, environmental pollution and destruction, and exclusion. As a result, there’s a lack of internal wellness in the community that can be at least partially healed by reconnecting with nature. POCO intends to help to facilitate the reconnection.

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A Western Bluebird perches on top of a slender stick.

From Bird Alliance of Oregon’s Equity Team

The past few months have been devastating, laying bare historical, widespread racial inequities and systemic violence that Black Americans have endured for centuries. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities, and Asian American communities have seen spikes in racist incidents, including verbal and physical attacks since the onset of the virus.

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A landscape showing the Bull Run Watershed looking tranquil among dappled sunlight. Trees can be seen on either side of the river.

Conservation: Your Voice is Needed More Than Ever

The COVID-19 response, if nothing else, opens our eyes to the potential to make rapid and fundamental change. The skies clearing over formerly smog-shrouded cities and the wildlife emerging onto quieted landscapes serve as fleeting ghosts of a future possible…if we are willing to make real change. 

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Progress Report: City of Portland Dark Skies Program

May opens with a heavenly bang: on Thursday, May 7, night sky enthusiasts can look to the eastern horizon at sunset and watch the rise of the last of this year’s three full “supermoons.” These occur when the moon’s full phase coincides with the moon’s closest approach to the earth in its lunar orbit…thus appearing especially large and lustrous. It’s a beacon of wonder in the night sky, and a bold invitation to support our dark skies initiatives here at Bird Alliance of Oregon!

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Mamie Campbell and Youth Volunteer Award Winners 2020

Each year, Bird Alliance of Oregon staff nominate and honor a cadre of our most dedicated volunteers with the prestigious Mamie Campbell and Youth Leadership Awards. Volunteers who receive these awards are deeply committed, oftentimes putting in hundreds of hours each year, taking on roles in numerous areas of the organization, and working with us for years or sometimes even decades.

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