Bird Alliance of Oregon Highlight: Greg Baker

For over three decades, Greg Baker has been an integral part of the Bird Alliance of Oregon “flock”. Greg’s expertise in birding and mentorship has inspired hundreds of people to care for and appreciate birds over the many years of his involvement. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and willingness to share his expertise with others have made him a vibrant member of our Bird Alliance of Oregon community.

Greg Baker standing in front of home
Greg Baker

One of Greg’s most significant contributions to the organization has been through his role as an educator through his Beginning Field Birding course held annually on Sauvie Island as part of the Adult Education Program. Greg leads this course alongside his good friend and birding buddy Ricky Allen, a Bird Alliance of Oregon Board Member.

Since Greg began the class, he has taught the series twice a year and estimates that he has led around 1,000 participants, some of whom have become lifelong birders. Greg’s interest in birds grew under the wings of a mentor so he understands the value of sharing knowledge with others. 

Greg’s passion for birds extends beyond Sauvie Island. In 2009, he was the first to have his yard certified as a Backyard Habitat in the Backyard Habitat Certification Program led by Bird Alliance of Oregon in partnership with Columbia Land Trust. This willingness to be the first to participate is a demonstration of his support and care for our mission.

Greg has built many connections with others in the birding community that have grown into lifelong friendships. As Greg says, “Regardless of our differences, we can find common humanity through birding.”

Greg Baker

When he’s not leading courses, Greg can also be found making beautiful folk music on his fiddle, building Mason Bee Villages, and tending his “Birdhouse Gourd” plants which bear gourds that can be made into eco-friendly birdhouses. He also recently achieved his enormous goal of seeing all 19 species of breeding owls in the United States in 2023!

What motivates Greg to continue his involvement with Bird Alliance of Oregon:

“Since a youth, I have had the good fortune to be inspired by birding mentors and important conservation organizations like Bird Alliance of Oregon. Inspiration, yes! Seek it out and when you find it, share it with others, pass it around!”

To all of our members and environmental advocates, thank you for all you do across this incredible state. Do you have a story you would like to share? Let us know!