Mamie Campbell Award Recipients & Volunteer Recognition

by Vicky Medley, Volunteer Manager

Each year the staff at Bird Alliance of Oregon we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week and select a cadre of volunteers for recognition. This year we are honoring our Mamie Campbell award recipients, as well as two trios of volunteers who have made significant volunteer contributions over the previous year.  

Mamie Campbell was an important figure in the early years of Bird Alliance of Oregon. A long-time and active volunteer, she was instrumental in establishing the Junior Bird Alliance of Oregon Club in Portland.  As an ardent conservationist, Mamie provided environmental education to Portland area schools in the 1920s and 1930s, inspiring generations of children to love and protect wildlife.  She was also a tireless leader of the Lucy Club, which organized Bird Alliance of Oregon events and was named after Lucy Audubon, the wife of John J. Audubon.

Established in 1985, the Mamie Campbell Award is given to our most dedicated volunteers.  Mamie Campbell award winners have a sustained and long-term volunteer commitment. We also look for volunteers who are active in several different programs, and who are leaders and role models in our volunteer community.  

Please join us in congratulating the 2021 Mamie Campbell award recipients:

Carol Fuller

Carol Fuller began as a volunteer in 2010, and has given over 1,700 hours of volunteer service. Carol has been a backbone of the Wildlife Care Center community during her tenure with Bird Alliance of Oregon, and she has also been involved in Swift Watch and various special events.

Carol’s primary volunteer role is in the Wildlife Care Center, where she held a regular shift for many years. During COVID, Carol has helped in the outdoor roles at the Care Center, as well as helping provide necessary kitchen help.  

Carol is an efficient and extremely hard worker who is always thinking of the health and safety of our patients and people. She is a strong leader and teacher, and when she is at the Care Center the environment is healthy and quiet, as her respect and conscientiousness toward our wild patients is contagious. Carol has taken on numerous trainees, which have become great assets to the center. Her precision and critical thinking skills make her indispensable to us! 

Anne Woodbury

Anne Woodbury joined as a volunteer in 2012, and has given over 2,500 hours of volunteer service. The majority of Anne’s volunteer service with Bird Alliance of Oregon has been as a Wildlife Solutions Counselor in the Wildlife Care Center. Our Wildlife Solutions Counselors are the first contact for callers who have an injured animal, or a wildlife conflict. 

Anne takes her commitments and responsibilities extremely seriously, and performs them exceedingly well. She never hesitates to ask questions and bring up concerns, which has been an extraordinary help as the WCC works through new policies and systems. Along with fellow volunteer Robin Carpenter and Roberta Jortner, Anne helped design and run a new training program for Wildlife Solutions Counselors. Thanks to Anne’s diligent nature and commitment, the Care Center is able to provide better service to more people who need help with wildlife. 

Lin DeMartini

Lin DeMartini began volunteering with Bird Alliance of Oregon in 2015 and has given more than 2,100 hours of volunteer service.  Lin volunteers  primarily in the Care Center, but also as a part of the Wild Arts Festival, with the Ambassador Animals, and different special events. 

Linn is a constant friendly and helpful presence in the Wildlife Care Center. Her love of the work and her teammates shines in all she does, whether she is picking up an extra shift to help us through a rough time, picking up an injured animal, or running to feed and clean at the flight cages with minimal notice. During COVID she has helped outdoors in the mews and our off site cages, as well as caring for our turtle Bybee. She is truly game for anything that would help the animals that come to us, and her flexibility, dedication, and good humor are a gift.

Jill Turner

Jill Turner began volunteering in 2012, and has given over 1,200 hours of volunteer service.  Jill is very active in the Sanctuaries, and also as part of the Book Fair Committee for our Wild Arts Festival. 

Jill is a quiet powerhouse in our Sanctuary. She provides leadership and direction to the weekly work parties, and also comes up on her own to clear invasive weeds and make sure that our trails are safe for visitors. She is kind and encouraging of others, and is as tough as nails. She has a knack for knowing the exact tool to use, and can explain how to safely use it!

Jill is also a dedicated volunteer with Trail Keepers of Oregon, Friends of Columbia Gorge, Washington Trails Association, Pacific Crest Trails Association, and she is the Board Vice President of Cape Horn Conservancy. The knowledge and skills she brings are a tremendous benefit to Bird Alliance of Oregon.

We would also like to recognize two trios of volunteers who have contributed in meaningful and significant ways over the last year.


Nora Scholey, Jill Turner and Kristin Jamerson

Nora Scholey, Jill Turner and Kristin Jamerson together have created a powerhouse of volunteer leadership for our Sanctuaries. As one Sanctuary Committee member said: “Kristen, Jill and Nora are so dedicated to the jewel that is our sanctuary. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for keeping it in decent condition – a gigantic challenge, an overwhelming task to anyone but them”. As a team over the last year they have built up and improved the weekly Wednesday Work Crew, cared for the Native Nursery, kept our trails clear and safe, and assisted in many special projects. They are always willing to help, are extremely hard working and dedicated to our Sanctuary.

Anne Woodbury, Robin Carpenter and Roberta Jortner

Anne Woodbury, Robin Carpenter and Roberta Jortner have together strengthened the role of the Wildlife Solutions Counselors in the Wildlife Care Center. Our Wildlife Solutions Counselors are usually the first point of contact for community members who call about injured or orphaned wildlife.  Emotions can run high, and callers benefit from calm and well trained volunteers who answer the phones. As a team, Anne, Robin and Roberta have developed training materials, trained and mentored new volunteers, and created high standards for the position. The program this team designed is remarkably effective, and will be forming successful new Solutions Counselors for years to come.