Peregrine Falcon Fledgling Heads Home to the Fremont Bridge

The long, strange saga of the Fremont Bridge Peregrine Falcons continues.

A good samaritan placed the young Peregrine Falcon in the back of his truck - Photo by Bob Sallinger

Last Thursday, a recently fledged Fremont peregrine was found injured on the east bank of the Willamette River. A good Samaritan named Joe picked her up and placed her in the back of his truck. Bird Alliance of Oregon conservation director Bob Sallinger snapped this photo when he retrieved the bird. Most likely the falcon, which was coughing up blood, had collided with something shortly after taking her first flight.

The fledgling was treated over the course of five days at the care center, and once she had fully recovered, the falcon was test-flown in a flight cage and then banded. Her two leg bands will allow scientists to track the bird throughout her life.

At 6 this morning, the fledgling peregrine was released back under the Fremont Bridge. She spent a few minutes hopping around on the ground in the industrial area before taking to the air and flying several hundred yards to the top of some of the industrial infrastructure beneath the bridge. She was joined in the air by both of her parents.

Bob Sallinger releases Peregrine Falcon - Photo by Micah Meskel