Peregrine Falcons Released on the Banks of the Columbia River

Bird Alliance of Oregon released two rehabilitated Peregrine Falcons today in Portland’s Kelley Point Park. The young, female falcons were found in north Portland Sept. 16 and 18, respectively, and both birds were likely suffering from botulism poisoning.

Photo by Scott Carpenter

Around the time the falcons became ill, a small avian botulism outbreak was taking place at Smith and Bybee Lakes. The youngsters probably fed on contaminated waterfowl from the lakes.

Thanks to the efforts of our Wildlife Care Center staff and volunteers, the falcons made a full recovery, and we were able to work with Portland Parks and Recreation to find an appropriate release site for the birds. They successfully flapped their way back into the wild from the beach of Kelley Point Park, located on the banks of the Columbia River.

As the video below shows, Bird Alliance of Oregon conservation director Bob Sallinger released the first falcon, and Metro biologist Katy Weil released the second. Metro staff had originally found one of the birds and brought her to Bird Alliance of Oregon.