Bird Alliance of Oregon Announces New Executive Director: Stuart Wells

Bird Alliance of Oregon is about to enter an exciting new chapter. After an extensive national search that began in 2021, we are happy to announce that Stuart Wells will join Bird Alliance of Oregon as our new Executive Director in May. 

Stuart comes to us after decades of leadership in the conservation field, devoting his career to protecting and reestablishing endangered species populations in the wildfrom the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl to the Black Footed Ferret. Stuart’s career spans the Smithsonian, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, the Phoenix Zoo, and now Bird Alliance of Oregon. His deep love of conservation, background as a scientist, commitment to equity, and successful leadership experience at large and complex organizations will be instrumental to advancing the mission of Bird Alliance of Oregon.

A photo of Stuart, a Black Man in glasses and a blue suit next to text that announces him as Bird Alliance of Oregon's new Executive Director

Stuart shared this about his new role: “I believe the more informed people are about what wildlife species need to survive, the less inclined they will be to condone actions that lead to their demise. I’m excited to join Bird Alliance of Oregon to help continue its 120 year legacy of educating and inspiring all people to love and respect the natural environment and the birds that depend on it for survival.”

Stuart’s educational background includes a BS in Zoology from Northern Arizona University, an MS in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University, and he is currently completing his PhD in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Arizonadegrees he continues to use to advance the scientific understanding of species protection.

In addition to his leadership positions in the environmental field, Stuart has worked extensively with volunteers, the public, donors, and community partners, knowing that it takes all people coming together to solve our toughest environmental challenges. This fundamental value of the importance of community resonated deeply with us since Bird Alliance of Oregon has and always will be powered by its vast and passionate community. 

We are very excited to welcome Stuart into the Bird Alliance of Oregon flock and for him to meet all of you. He will officially join Bird Alliance of Oregon on May 2.