The Bird Alliance of Oregon Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of a stronger connection to nature, a gift that inspires you to love and protect birds, wildlife, and the natural environment upon which life depends. When you give a new pair of optics, a camp, ecotour, field guide, or donation to protect wildlife, you are also giving the gift of a healthier Oregon for animals and people!

American Robin on bush with red berries
American Robin, photo by Mick Thompson.

The Nature Store Brings the Outdoors Closer Than Ever

Whether it is a new bird feeder bringing birds to your loved one’s backyard, a field guide transporting them to a new location, binoculars providing a different angle on their favorite birds and wildlife, or a toy or game bringing joy and engagement, the Nature Store is your one-stop shop. And if you are a member, you will receive a 10% discount on that perfect gift.

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Send Them on the Ecotour of a Lifetime

Many people have been waiting for the opportunity to travel again, and you can make that dream a reality by sending them on an ecotour with Bird Alliance of Oregon. They will see firsthand the unique birds of the world, explore different ecosystems, and gain cultural experiences. (It doubles as a gift for yourself if you go together!) Send them on or join our expert-guided trip to Mongolia in 2022.

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Make a Donation in Honor of Someone You Love

When you care deeply about the environment, the perfect gift may not be a physical item. It could be a recognition of your values and love of the natural world. A tribute gift is a great way to honor or memorialize your loved one by building on their legacy of advocating for birds, wildlife, and wild places. When you make a tribute gift, your loved one will be recognized in the Warbler newsletter, and you can send them or their next of kin an elegant songbird-themed card with the option to include a personalized message.

Tribute Gifts

Burrowing Owl, photo by Mick Thompson

Sponsor a Wild Thing

Ruby the Turkey Vulture, Aristophanes the Common Raven, Xena the American Kestrel, Julio the Great Horned Owl, and Bybee the Western Painted Turtle hold a special place in the hearts of visitors of all ages. Brought in for various reasons and unable to be released back to the wild, these Animal Ambassadors call Bird Alliance of Oregon home, and you can help pay for their care. When you do, you can give or receive a membership to Bird Alliance of Oregon along with a fact sheet on the Ambassador Animals, a photo, and a Wild Thing Sponsorship certificate.

Sponsor a Wild Thing

Ruby, one of our resident ambassador animals

Youth Camps

In our winter, spring, and summer camps, youth may discover a coastal giant salamander along our trails, observe a Bald Eagle soaring over the Gorge, or see whales off the San Juan Islands. Or perhaps they want to learn archery, the craft of fire making, or nature photography. No matter what they choose, the child or teen in your life will get to learn, play, and explore, all while making friends, connecting to nature, and making lifelong memories. 

Stop by our Nature Store to purchase a gift certificate.

A camper looking for critters, photo by Tara Lemezis

Make Camps More Accessible with a Gift to the Spencer Higgins Education Fund

Camps at Bird Alliance of Oregon allow kids to observe wildlife, explore Oregon’s landscapes, and connect with nature. You can help us offer our nature-based camps and school field trips to more children by donating to the Scholarship Fund. And when you do, you will foster the growth of future land stewards.

Give the Gift of Nature-based Camps

Animal Tracks and Traces camp, photo by Henry Jackson

Give a Bird Alliance of Oregon Membership

From protecting imperiled species, to building climate-resilient landscapes, to creating the greenest metropolitan region, and inspiring people of all ages to explore and connect with the natural world, the members of Bird Alliance of Oregon are helping Oregon’s wildlife, wild places, and people thrive. And when you provide a gift membership to a loved one, they will be joining a community of nature lovers and receive our Warbler newsletter as well as discounts at the Nature Store and on camps, classes, and ecotours.

Give a Membership

Northern Spotted Owl
Northern Spotted Owl in an old growth forest, photo by Scott Carpenter

Classes and Bird Alliance of Oregon Birding Days

Your favorite lifelong learner will love a gift certificate for our Adult Education programs. We offer a wide array of classes that will help them sharpen their bird identification skills, create exquisite nature journals, hunt for wild mushrooms, and join our expert naturalists on day-long Bird Alliance of Oregon Birding Days at some of Oregon’s most stunning wild spaces. With a gift certificate, they can choose what ignites their passion most!

Stop by our Nature Store to purchase a gift certificate.

Support More Birds through the Backyard Habitat Certification Program

Give a gift that will be around all year long and help our urban environment by signing your loved one up for the Backyard Habitat Certification Program. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite gardener, providing the tools they need to turn their yard into a native habitat oasis for wildlife. And nothing brings birds to the yard better than native plants. .

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Give the Gift of Saving a Life

Give injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance by making a donation to support the operation of the Wildlife Care Center. Every year our Wildlife Care Center treats 4,000 injured and orphaned native birds, mammals, and other native species. Your gift ensures we can provide the best care for our patients and serve as a hub for reducing wildlife/human conflicts all over the region.

Click to contribute and note in the comments that this is a gift for the Wildlife Care Center.

By giving anything in our gift guide, you not only bring joy to the people in your life, you also directly contribute to the protection of wildlife and wild places. That makes these gifts extra special for birders, hikers, gardeners, explorers, and activists of all ages.