Voters Resoundingly Support Ballot Measure 26-225 for Parks and Nature

Last night we had a big win for our local environment. Voters in the Metro Region resoundingly supported Ballot Measure 26-225 which renews Metro’s Parks and Nature Levy for another five years. As of the most recent tally, 26-225 was passing with more than 70% of the vote. This continues a long tradition of voters across the region strongly supporting protection and restoration of our natural environment and ensuring equitable access to nature for all of the region’s residents.

Boy with leaf
Photo by Mike Houck.

The renewal of the Regional Parks and Nature Levy will generate more than $19 million a year to operate and restore regional parks such as Smith and Bybee Wetlands, Chehalem Ridge, Oxbow Regional Park, Cooper Mountain, and many more. It also means that Metro will also be able to continue to operate its highly successful grant program to support initiatives that expand access to nature with a priority on historically marginalized communities. 

This vote reflects the high value that this region places on the protection of fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, climate resilience, and environmental justice. 

Bird Alliance of Oregon was proud to serve on the steering committee for this campaign and to help spearhead the grassroots effort to pass the measure. A big focus of Bird Alliance of Oregon’s work is ensuring that there is adequate funding available to protect nature across the metro region for both people and wildlife. A strong conservation vision only means something if there is adequate funding to make it real. 

These are challenging times, but the residents of the metro region have once again spoken loud and clear that protection of our environment is a high priority and one which transcends many of our deepest divides.

Thank you for your support for Measure 26-225 for Parks and Nature!!!