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September 7 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Field Trip: Botany for Birders – Leaves at Laurelhurst Park

Have you ever struggled to describe which tree a bird is in? Have you ever struggled to identify a tree making it difficult to know how to manage it? Join local arborist, ecologist and birder Ryan Gilpin for a series of online and field classes designed to help birders more confidently navigate the plant world. Ryan will focus on observing specific characteristics of trees to gather more information. This information can be used to assign a name to a plant, but the goals of the workshop are more about observing and describing than naming. 

Field Trip: Laurelhurst Park has approximately the same number of bird species observed as tree species growing in the park ~130 species. If the birds are out and active, we will bird the park and practice using as specific of language as possible to describe where we are seeing birds and how they are interactive with the plants around them. If the birds are quiet, we will observe, describe and identify trees paying close attention to their leaves. But most trees will have other features worth observing and describing in September as well.

Join us for the online portion of this field trip:


A photo looking up at the tree canopy with the sun filtering through the trees.
Gorgeous leaf canopies in the Portland area. Photo by Wil C Fry.

Join us for the Botany for Birders Series!

Through coupled classroom and field sessions Ryan will help you increase your ability to describe plants and connect to the natural world around you. Field sessions will be dynamic birding sessions in places with interesting trees.



Distance: Up to 2 miles
Elevation: mostly flat
Trail Tread and Width: Mostly paved trail, single track packed dirt/gravel, will venture off path likely mostly turf and packed dirt.
Pacing: Slow with frequent stops
Amenities: Two restrooms on site. Street parking available on Oak St. and nearby neighborhoods.
Public Transportation: Tri-met #75 to SE Cesar Chaves & Ash (.2 miles), Tri-met #16 to E Burnside St. and SE Laurelhurst (.2 miles)
Meeting Location: west edge of Firwood Lake near picnic tables

*Meet at 8:00 AM at Laurelhurst Park @ west edge of Firwood Lake.


Field Trip Details

    • Class: Saturday, September 7, 8:00 am – 10:00 am
    • Class fee: $45 members / $65 non-member


September 7
8:00 am - 10:00 am
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