UWIN Portland

Trail Camera Monitoring Urban Wildlife

Portland Metro | Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

The Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN) is a science partnership across North America using a standardized wildlife monitoring protocol employing trail cameras to understand the ecology and behavior of urban wildlife species.  Created by the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Portland is one of over 30 cities across North America taking part in the UWIN program.  UWIN Portland is comprised of one transect extending east and west from the city center to less populated areas in Gresham and Hillsboro.  Trail cameras are located along this transect at regular intervals. In addition to understanding urban wildlife, UWIN Portland seeks to engage volunteers and students to participate.

Partners: UWIN, Portland State University, Samara Group LLC, Oregon Wildlife Foundation

A Wildlife Trail Cam photos of coyote and deer

About the Survey

    • Survey Instructions: Trail camera monitoring instructions
    • When: We currently run 4 trail camera monitoring sessions during the year –  Winter (January), Spring (March), Summer (July), and Fall (October). Photo “tagging” (identifying the species present in each photo) is continuous throughout the year.
    • Where: One transect of 29 cameras extending east and west from the city center to less populated areas in Gresham and Hillsboro.  Another transect of 6 cameras extends from Oaks Bottom to the southwest, through Tigard and into Sherwood. 
    • Time commitment: Depends on how much you commit to – can work this out with the coordinator.
    • Reporting: Data is submitted to the coordinator at the end of the survey.
    • Photo tagging: In addition to or instead of camera monitoring, participants can also volunteer to help identify the wildlife captured in trail camera images. Inquire with the UWIN Portland Coordinator for more info.

Volunteer Requirements

    • Training: A training will be provided annually to review the sampling protocol and operation of trail cameras.  UWIN Portland Coordinator may also hold special training sessions as needed.
    • Birding skills: No experience required but you must have good attention to detail in setting up equipment and recording data. Photo tagging volunteers will need to be familiar with common wildlife species. 
    • Equipment: Trail cameras and other equipment will be provided.
    • Field conditions: Must be able to walk on surfaces ranging from paved trails to unpaved, uneven off-trail areas in varied weather conditions. Typically, walking distances are less than 1 mile but may be longer depending on how many sites are visited.  
    • Transportation to and from the site is your responsibility.



To request to become a volunteer or for more information, contact Clarissa Cressotti, UWIN Portland Coordinator at cressot@pdx.edu or Joe Liebezeit at jliebezeit@birdallianceoregon.org.


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