Anna’s Hummingbird

Anna’s Hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds to stay in Oregon year-round, bringing a dash of bright pink to our wet winters. Plant Red-flowering Currant and other great native plants to bring these beautiful tiny birds to your yard!

Anna’s Hummingbird, photo by Mick Thompson

Size & Shape: 3.9″, medium sized and stocky hummingbird.

Color: Females Anna’s Hummingbirds are largely green and gray. The male birds have green and gray bodies and unmistakable head and neck feathers that shine bright pink in the sunlight.

Behavior: Eats nectar from flowers, sugar-water from hummingbird feeders, sap from holes in trees (when drilled by woodpeckers), small insects, spiders. Male has diving courtship display.

Habitat: Forest openings, disturbed areas, brushy edges; lowlands in spring, moves up into flowering meadows in mountains as season progresses.

Field Marks: Green and gray bodies, and a bright iridescent pink head and neck for males.

Songs & Calls: Listen here.

Fun Facts: Its rose crown isn’t the only thing that makes the male Anna’s Hummingbird stand out. Their song is learned through imitation and is very complex, making it the most distinct of any North American hummingbird.

Latin Name:  Calypte anna