Greening Our Transportation System

Greening our regional transportation grid is a major priority for Bird Alliance of Oregon. Transportation represents the most significant untapped opportunity to green the urban landscape through implementation of green streets, right of ways that allow for tree planting, and other green strategies.

Traffic on Interstate 5.

Expansion of the transportation grid represents a significant threat to the local greenspace system (the currently adopted Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is estimated to impact 9% of the high value natural areas in the region and up to 13% of the high value natural areas in underserved communities.)

Finally the transportation grid offers one of the most significant opportunities to address climate change on the local landscape through shifting resources away car based modes of transportation and towards improving our public, bike and pedestrian modes of transportation.  

In many ways we are still implementing a 1950s style, car based transportation agenda. It is past time that we move toward a 21st century model that prioritizes strategies the reduce the risks of climate change, prioritize equity, and create a more healthy community.

Bird Alliance of Oregon Work on Transportation Issues

  • We serve on Metro’s Technical Advisory Committee which advises on funding priorities for regional transportation projects.
  • We advocate for integration of green infrastructure such as green streets, urban tree canopy, bioswales and other green strategies into our transportation plans to address stormwater runoff, urban heat island effects, increase habitat and improve livability.
  • We advocate for legislation at the state level that supports sustainable transportation strategies.
  • We mobilize to support or oppose as the situation my warrant major transportation projects with a significant impact on our environment.

Current Priorities

  • Regional Transportation Plan: In 2018, Metro adopted a Regional Transportation Plan which sets long-term priorities for transportation funding for the region. Lobbying from Bird Alliance of Oregon activists played a significant role in improving the plan, but we are already preparing for the next update in 2023 to ensure that we have the greenest RTP in the nation.
  • I5 Broadway Corridor Freeway Expansion: Bird Alliance of Oregon has jointed with the No More Freeway Expansions to raise serious concerns about the $500 million project which as proposed fails to achieve regional goals to address climate change, equity and the environment and which will not significantly improve congestion or safety.

How You Can Help

  • Become a Bird Alliance of Oregon Activist