Camp Sliding Scale

About the Sliding Scale Fee Structure

Bird Alliance of Oregon believes that the outdoors should belong to everyone. By shifting to a sliding scale payment model for camp, we’re ensuring that all families can join us to play, learn, explore, and connect deeply with nature this summer. 

When you register, you’ll be invited to choose a sliding scale level that works for your family. We welcome each family to pay at whatever level is feasible for you

If you’re able, we invite you to “pay it forward” and give back, leveraging your privilege and abundance against the inequities that prevent many children from accessing camp. This will help us cover the true cost of the program for all campers and ensure that we can continue this sliding scale model in future years.

Our camps are sliding scale and prices vary. The 100% base price for camps Grade 1-2 and Grade 2-3 is $420. For Grade 3-5 and Grade 6-8 $455, with the exception of the overnight camp — the base price for that is $555. Our sliding scale structure offers 5 levels for you to choose from (10%, 40%, 70%, 100%, 125%). Each level has a set number of spots available so please consider sliding up the scale if you possibly can to ensure that all families can access camp.

For more information around selecting the right sliding scale level, please see the guidelines here.


Each level of the sliding scale has a set number of slots available. If the level you chose is full, please consider sliding up the scale if you possibly can


Campers posing in front of the yurts at Marmot Cabin, photo by Clay Showalter.

This is mutual aid, and it can begin to help heal our world.

It is the redistribution of resources that have been held in communities of privilege, the coming together and the diffusion of abundance so that we can collectively succeed, and the understanding that investing in children returns tenfold to the health of our world. Connecting all children to nature is not only central to our mission, it ensures that children hold the protection of nature central to their visions of the future. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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Give to the Spencer Higgins Education Fund

Bird Alliance of Oregon is committed to creating an inclusive summer camp that welcomes families from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Give directly to our Spencer Higgins Education Fund to support this work and ensure environmental education is accessible to all children.


Animal Tracks and Traces camp, photo by Henry Jackson