Help Seabirds by Protecting Northern Anchovies

In 2009, the West Coast northern anchovy population collapsed and has not yet recovered, leading to a major decline in a vital food source for seabirds. We need your help to protect the northern anchovy, and the birds who depend on it for survival—birds like the Brown Pelican who have experienced catastrophic breeding failures in recent years due to the decline in their favorite food.

While this full stock assessment is performed, we ask the Council to use the best available scientific information to establish a lower catch limit prior to the start of the 2017 fishing season.

Anchovies are the single most important prey species for seabirds in West Coast waters. They are a key prey item for many seabirds including Common Murre, Brown Pelicans, and the federally listed Marbled Murrelet. Help protect the over 2 million birds that breed along the West Coast by helping protect northern anchovies.

Call for Updated Stock Assessment

Request that NOAA Fisheries establish a schedule to complete a new, scientifically rigorous anchovy stock assessment within a reasonable time frame. The last stock assessment was completed 20 years ago, leading to fishing quotas that aren’t reflective of the current population.

Request New Assessment