Action Alert: Help Pass Important Climate Bill – SB 1534A

Bird Alliance of Oregon and our partners are working hard to advance a critical piece of climate legislation this short session— the Natural and Working Lands Bill (SB 1534A). The bill will enable Oregon’s natural and working lands (NWL) including forests, farmlands, and wetlands, to be managed as resilient and robust carbon sinks, while maintaining the health of our economy and communities and enhancing social equity and quality of life for Oregonians. 

Scroll down to find a sample letter and instructions on how you can send it to your legislator to help pass SB 1534A.

Trumpeter Swans foraging on farmland
Trumpeter Swans, photo by Mick Thompson.

SB 1534A will lay the foundation for future incentive programs that can support landowners to shift to better practices that enable more carbon sequestration, protect fish and wildlife, and ensure social equity and a better quality of life for Oregonians.  It will help position Oregon as a national leader in natural climate solutions…but right now the bill is hanging by a thread with the legislative short session ending soon. We need your help! 

This bill is beginning to face strong opposition by special interest, anti-climate groups who prefer to maintain the status quo, and don’t want new science, data, and incentives programs to modernize Oregon’s approach to land management. 

Oregon needs better climate policies now, we cannot afford to wait. Please help us turn the tide at the 11th hour and see this bill safely over the finish line. Click here for a 1-page summary of the bill.


Find your Oregon state Senator and House Representatives


Sample Letter or email to legislator (also can leave a phone message):


Subject: Support Natural and Working Lands Bill SB 1534A 

Dear XX state Sen / House Rep,

As your constituent, I’m writing to express my strong support for SB 1534A the Natural and Working Lands bill and to urge you to do everything in your power to see this bill safely over the finish line. This bill lays the foundational steps toward the creation of programs to increase carbon sequestration and resilience on Oregon’s natural and working lands. The same practices that sequester and store carbon also contribute co-benefits that support farmers, ranchers, foresters, and entire communities, not to mention clean drinking water and better fish and wildlife habitat. 

We need to use every climate solution at our disposal to confront the worsening climate and biodiversity crises. Using our natural and working lands is a cost effective, straightforward climate solution.  

I ask that you support SB 1534A, and to urge your colleagues to advance Natural and Working Lands legislation. Please don’t leave this one on the table, we need to enact this important bill.

Thank you for doing everything in your power to protect Oregon’s climate, communities, and natural resources! 


(Your Name)