Ask City Council to fund a Lighting Ordinance Scoping Position

We need your help keeping the pressure on City Council to fund a light pollution scoping position. Please email the Mayor and Portland City Council and ask them to include funding in the fall budget monitoring process to develop a light pollution ordinance.

Lighting decisions that are made now will impact our night sky for decades to come. Portland is long overdue for developing a strategic plan to address light pollution—an issue that impacts human health, confuses migrating birds, disrupts ecosystems, wastes energy and obscures the night sky. Please write to the Mayor and Commissioners, urging them to secure funding in the fall 2018 Budget Monitoring Process for a light pollution scoping position.

Both Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Fish have indicated support for Portland developing a strategy to address light pollution, but the Council needs to hear from us that we want this funding to remain a top priority as a key element in helping to ensuring that the place we call home is a sustainable, ecologically healthy and biophilic city!

Photo by Harun Mehmedinovic

Write or call Portland’s Commissioners today to tell them that you strongly support this step towards reducing the light pollution

Funding this position is a critical step toward a more ecologically healthy and sustainable urban landscape and is key to reducing impacts to ecological health, migrating birds, human health, and our ability to see the night sky!

Take Action

Submit email comments to Council members with the subject line: “Please Approve Funding to Address Light Pollution in Budget”

Key Points: 
  • Tell City Council that you support funding in fall BMP for a position to develop a  Lighting Ordinance for the City of Portland;
  • Tell City Council that the growing problem of light pollution harms human health and wildlife, wastes energy and blots out the night sk;
  • Responsible lighting design meets a range of climate resiliency and sustainability objectives that have been written into the City’s Climate Action Plan, including reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependence, improving energy efficiency and cost savings.

Thank you for helping Bird Alliance of Oregon protect birds in the urban environment while also protecting human health and our access to the night sky!