Help Our Climate by Stopping the Jordan Cove LNG Facility

A Canadian fossil fuel corporation, Pembina*, is still trying to move forward with the Jordan Cove Energy Project to export fracked liquefied natural gas (LNG) along a 229-mile pipeline. The pipeline would cross private and public land through the heart of southern Oregon terminating at an export facility in Coos Bay. This project would be devastating for Oregon, polluting hundreds of waterways, fragmenting habitat with clear cuts, impacting hundreds of landowners, desecrating tribal burial grounds and creating the largest source of climate pollution in Oregon.

Protesting Jordan Cove
Protesters in Salem raise their voices against Jordan Cove

This project would result in more clearcuts in Oregon’s coastal and interior forests, impacting breeding habitat for endangered species like the Marbled Murrelet and Spotted Owl.  It also poses a serious threat to important migratory bird habitats in Coos Bay and vicinity.

There is broad opposition to this project from landowners and businesses to conservation groups concerned with irreversible impacts to climate, water, and ecology. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has already denied an important permit for this project to move forward.  

Right now, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) is reviewing the project to determine whether it is consistent with Oregon’s requirements to protect coastal resources via the Coastal Zone Management Act and is accepting public comment on this process until September 21. 

Take Action Now to Deny Certification for Jordan Cove

Please contact the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and ask them to deny the Coastal Zone Management Act certification for this project. We encourage you to personalize this editable letter.

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*Pembina is the same corporation that attempted (unsuccessfully) to build a dangerous propane export terminal in North Portland several years ago. This project was abandoned due to an extensive grassroots led campaign against it.