Help Support Condor Reintroduction in the Pacific Northwest

It has been more than a century since California Condors flew over the Pacific Northwest, but they could grace our skies once again within just a year or two. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and Yurok Tribe are leading a public scoping process to explore Condor reintroduction in Northern California, a decision which, given the range of these birds, would also effectively restore them into parts of Oregon.

Take Action to Help Support the Reintroduction of Condors!

Please submit comments to encourage the agencies to move forward with Condor reintroduction as well as to address the primary hazards Condors face—especially lead ammunition, which remains the leading threat to Condor recovery.

Take Action!

Please attend the scoping meeting and let that agencies know:

  • That you strongly support Condor reintroduction into Northern California.
  • That you want the government to take aggressive action to reduce the threat of lead shot to Condors and other wildlife.
  • That you oppose any effort that would limit protections for this species provided by the Endangered Species Act.

It is critical that the agencies hear from the public—not only that we support Condor reintroduction, but also that we want the government to take aggressive action to reduce threats to Condors. Lead poisoning resulting from eating carrion contaminated with lead ammunition has been identified as the primary impediment to Condor recovery throughout its range. Despite knowing about the toxic impacts of lead ammunition on Condors, Eagles and other wildlife for decades, and despite the fact that non-toxic alternatives to lead ammunition are available, the Government has done remarkably little to address this threat. It is time to get the lead out of our ammunition just as we have done with fuel, paint, and other sources of environmental contamination.

Click here for more details on the Yurok collaboration and scoping meetings.