Action Alert! Help Us Confirm a Strong Voice for Wildlife to the ODFW

We have an opportunity to help shape statewide wildlife conservation policy by urging your State Senator to confirm Dr. Kathayoon Khalil to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission (ODFW Commission).

Appointments to the ODFW Commission have been a political struggle over the years, with special interests often winning out over strong science and the public interest. Bird Alliance of Oregon and our statewide conservation partners have remained vigilant in advocating for appointments that respect best available science, reflect the public’s values in wanting to see all species protected, and move us toward greater diversity to better represent the demographics of the state.

Two young beavers chewing on sticks
Beavers, photo by Deborah Freeman.

That’s why we’re very excited to share with you Governor Brown’s most recent nomination to the Commission: Dr. Kathayoon Khalil!

Dr. Khalil brings more than a decade working on conservation education and research at the Oregon Zoo and other institutions. She has a masters in environmental science from Yale and PhD in environmental education from Stanford. Her primary focus has been on the human dimensions of conservation including environmental education and pro-environmental behavior.

Dr. Khalil has a lot of experience turning scientific recommendations into practical policy and on-the-ground solutions. We believe her unique experience with wildlife conservation research and implementation, strategic planning, and community collaboration will make her an asset on the Commission.

Marbled Murrelet, Photo by Rich MacIntosh, USFWS

Look Up Your State Senator Here!

Please take a few minutes out of your day to contact your State Senator to let them know you support Dr. Khalil’s candidacy for the ODFW Commission. Call and leave a brief message of support or send a short email. Messages do not have to be long or detailed, but it is critical that senators hear from their constituents that they want this nomination moved forward.

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Thank you for taking the time to ensure a strong voice for conservation is placed on the ODFW Commission so the future of Marbled Murrelets and other imperiled species is brighter.