Join Us for an In-district Wildlife Lobby Day to End Cruel Coyote Killing Contests

This year we are pleased to team up with Humane Society of the United States, Oregon Wild, WildEarth Guardians, and Humane Voters Oregon to pass legislation to end cruel coyote killing contests in Oregon. We came close in the last legislative session, but the bill was killed as part of the effort to get Republicans to return after their walkout. With your help we can be successful on 2020!

Please join us during the week of January 20 for an In-District Lobby Day, an event that includes scheduled meetings with your two state lawmakers in your home town. Rather than having folks go to Salem this year, we are going to schedule meetings with lawmakers with their own constituents in their own districts.

A portrait of a coyote standing in tall grass.
Coyote, photo by Ray Walton.

Speak Out for Coyotes and All of Oregon’s wildlife.

Register for In-district Wildlife Lobby Day to End Cruel Coyote Killing Contests


Constituent meetings with legislators are the most effective way to move this issue forward and to build support in the legislature for protecting all Oregon’s wildlife, and Legislators enjoy hearing from their constituents about the issues that are of concern to them.

We will set up meetings, provide all the training and information you will need to be effective, and put together teams to attend meetings with your representatives together. 

Coyote killing contests, where people compete for prizes to see who can kill the most coyotes in a specified time period, are cruel and indiscriminate and should have been banned long ago. They have nothing to do with legitimate hunting and the science shows that they are ineffective in addressing coyote conflicts. They are simply wanton slaughter of wildlife and they have no place in Oregon.

Please join us for the In-District Lobby Day and help us speak out for coyotes and all of Oregon’s wildlife.