Make a Difference for Nature on the November Ballot

This November there are some amazing opportunities to protect wildlife, and ensure that every child in Oregon has the chance to experience a week of science-based outdoor education. The Bird Alliance of Oregon Board of Directors has reviewed the November Ballot and strongly urges you to vote yes on the following initiatives:

Vote YES! on Measure 26-178—Protect Our Natural Areas

Bird Alliance of Oregon strongly supports passage of the Protect Our Natural Areas Levy Renewal. Bird Alliance of Oregon played a key role in passing the original levy which has provided funding to restore natural areas, create public access to natural areas, and community grants to support restoration, environmental education and environmental justice focused grants to local groups. The Levy has played an important role in moving forward the vision of an ecologically healthy metropolitan region in which all residents have access to nature within walking distance of their homes.

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Outdoor School Logo

Vote YES! on Measure 99—Outdoor School for All

Outdoor School for All will provide every 5th or 6th grader in the state of Oregon with a full week of Outdoor School. Outdoor School has been a life-changing event for so many people in Oregon, but today, fewer than half the children in the state get to go to Outdoor School and those who do attend typically go for a couple of days. This measure would direct lottery funds to ensure that every child in the state has the opportunity to experience a full week of outdoor school.

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Measure 100 LogoVote YES! on Measure 100—Save Endangered Wildlife

Save Endangered Animals Oregon is a grassroots campaign working to save 12 highly-trafficked wild animal types from poaching, cruelty, and the threat of extinction.

The measure will increase penalties for trafficking in 12 species of highly endangered wild animals, including sea turtles, elephants, rhinos, sharks, and cheetahs. Reducing poaching of animals is an issue that Bird Alliance of Oregon fully supports.

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Clean Water Healthy Soil Logo

Vote YES! on Measure 34-269—Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District Funding Initiative

Bird Alliance of Oregon strongly supports the Clean Water, Healthy Soil Campaign which will provide a permanent funding source to Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District to promote a wide array of environmental initiatives in Washington County. Tualatin SWVD work to promote environmental protective agriculture practices, protect and restore local natural areas, and provide environmental education is inline with Bird Alliance of Oregon’s mission of protecting habitat on the landscape level.

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Voting yes on these four ballot initiatives is a great way to make your voice heard for wildlife and for Oregon’s future. We hope you’ll help spread the word and get out the vote!