Action Alert: Urge the Board of Forestry to Move Forward with the State Forests Habitat Conservation Plan

At a special meeting this Wednesday (Feb. 15) the timber industry will ask the Oregon Board of Forestry to scrap the State Forests Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that’s been in the works for years.

Logging interests have tried to quash this plan in the past and they are at it again. Just this past November, industry-friendly members of the Board tried to force a vote on an alternative that would have substantially increased logging. But a majority of the commissioners said no and they cited an outpouring of conservation support from community members earlier that day.

A Northern Spotted Owl perches on a mossy branch, while looking up towards the upper tree canopy.
Northern Spotted Owl by Scott Carpenter

Please help again and urge Chair Kelly and the Board to stand strong for a State Forests Habitat Conservation Plan. While the HCP isn’t preventing logging – plenty of timber harvest is still called for in the compromise language of this plan – it does achieve something that’s been lacking for decades: a balanced management approach for our state forests, reflecting the broad values that Oregonians have for our public lands. The HCP protects important habitats for imperiled birds like the Marbled Murrelet and Northern Spotted Owl, as well as salmon, clean water, recreation, and carbon storage, while sustaining a healthy supply of logs. It’s been developed with years of public input—including from the timber industry and local governments.

Alternative 3 represents this balanced conservation approach.

Take Action TODAY, 2/14/23

Please email Chair Kelly and the Board at and tell them to stick to their guns and move forward with HCP Alternative 3. Sample letter below.

Marbled Murrelet chick in an Elliott State Forest, photo by Aaron Allred

Sample Letter

I write in strong support of a Western Oregon State Forest Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that is at least as protective as Conservation Alternative 3. The State Forest HCP is a workable compromise that balances more sustainable timber harvest with fish, wildlife, recreation, and clean water. Now is the time to finalize the HCP and ensure that Oregon’s state forests are managed for multiple values.

Right now, the timber industry and their politicians are calling on you to reject the HCP, prioritizing timber harvest over all other values. Today I ask you to stand strong and support moving forward on the state forest HCP with no delays.

The HCP before you has been developed with years of extensive public input. Now is the time to step up for Oregon’s state forests, and for current and future generations, by adopting a strong HCP.  Thank you.