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Portland Skyline in fog - Mult Co Courthouse lit up

Help Us Thank Multnomah County for Making their Buildings More Sustainable! 

This Thursday, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners plans to pass a resolution to integrate bird safe building and lighting design standards into their High Performance Building Standards, a move that will have benefits far beyond birds. This is an important milestone that will bring the County into alignment with the City of Portland and Metro Regional Government, and we want to send them a strong message of appreciation that they are making this critical decision. 

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Coyote in a field of tall grass and flowers

Help Ban Wildlife Killing Derbies in Oregon 

Your help is needed to end cruel and wasteful wildlife killing contests, in which participants compete for cash and other prizes for killing as many coyotes or other wildlife as possible. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will vote on a proposed rule to prohibit wildlife killing derbies on public land on September 15. Please send them a message urging them to adopt the proposed rule and ban these inhumane contests in Oregon.

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