Protect Oregon’s Waterways and Climate Future

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and US Army Corps have opened a 60-day public comment period for a Clean Water Act permit that, if denied, could stop the Jordan Cove fracked gas terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline.

The Jordan Cove Project has twice before been denied permits by the federal government. Now, they are hoping to find a more sympathetic response from the Trump Administration. Similar gas pipelines in Oregon, New York and Maryland have been stopped through the Clean Water Act permitting process because of the risks these projects present to our rivers, streams, wetlands and estuaries

We need your help! 

Tell State and Federal Agencies to stand up for clean water by denying the permits to build this fracked gas project.

Join the voices of a statewide coalition made up of tribes, landowners, businesses, climate activists, conservationists and concerned community members who are working together to keep fracked gas exports out of Oregon.

Take Action

If built, this project would not only be the largest climate polluter in the state, but the 229-mile Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal, would impact 485 rivers, streams, and waterbodies in Oregon on both public and private lands, endanger public safety, encroach upon traditional tribal lands and create a 229 mile clearcut through our forests. Oregonians have been fighting proposed LNG facilities and export terminals for over a decade, and we need you to help us win this battle once and for all!

Here’s just a few reasons Oregonians oppose LNG terminals and pipelines:  

  1. The Pacific Connector pipeline would create a permanent 229 mile long clearcut through Oregon’s forest.
  2. The proposed pipeline would cross areas of the Rogue River, harming native salmon habitat.
  3. The terminal and associated traffic would harm the fragile estuary in Coos Bay, which is designated an Important Bird Area, is a draw for local tourism, and important for the local economy.
  4. The pipeline would cross drinking water sources in the Medford area, jeopardizing public health and local drink water supplies.
  5. The projects financial backer Pembina, the same company that tried unsuccessfully to build a fossil fuel export facility in PDX is seeking to use eminent domain to take land from unwilling landowners.
  6. Fossil fuels are simply not a sustainable solution. Shipping the fracked gas to Asia would not lower pollution and would contribute to global warming.

Climate change represents the greatest threat to our planet. Building Jordan Cove will perpetuate an era of unsustainable energy development, increase CO2 emissions and directly harm Oregon’s forests and waterways and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

Please help us stop this terrible project once and for all. We only have until August 20th to make our voices heard, so it’s important you take action now!