Take Action for Oregon’s Beavers and Coyotes

This week we have two important opportunities to advance protections for Oregon’s wildlife. With your help, we’ll pass two bills, one that increases protections for beavers and the other that bans coyote killing contests. 

Right now, both bills are being considered by the Oregon State Legislature, making their way through committees with important upcoming votes. Now is a great time to urge your representative to vote for greater protections for these native mammals that play important roles in maintaining healthy and balanced ecosystems.   

Take Action to End Coyote Killing Competitions 

HB 2728 (the coyote killing contest bill) has a work session scheduled before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee this week. From there, HB 2728 will move to the House floor for a vote by the full House chamber. Now is a great time to contact both your House Representative and State Senator to urge them to vote YES on HB 2728 and ban these inhumane killing contests. 

Find Your State Representatives

Use these TALKING POINTS as a guide for your personal written comments. 

Coyote, photo by Hayley Crews.

Take Action to Remove Predatory Status for Beavers

HB 2844, legislation to remove the predatory status from beaver in Oregon, will receive a committee hearing this Thursday, March 18! This bill is important because currently beavers are listed as predatory animals on private land which means hunting and trapping on private land can occur year-round without limits. Beavers are a vital component for Oregon’s ecological health, and can provide Oregonians with vast positive benefits like flood control and improved water quality, and thus should receive adequate protections.

Please submit your short (one paragraph) written testimony to support HB 2844 (instructions and talking points below): 

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  • Select House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources 
  • Then select 3/18/21 3:15pm for the meeting date/time. 
  • The website will then allow you to write in your brief testimony in the text box or upload a PDF.
Beavers, photo by Deborah Freeman.

HB 2844 Talking Points:

  • Beaver are a vital component for Oregon’s ecological health, and can provide Oregonians with vast positive benefits, including:

– Increased wildfire resilience through natural and effective firebreaks
– Increased water security through creation of wetlands and ponds
– Carbon capture and storage;
– Improved drinking water quality and stream temperatures;
– Rearing habitat for multiple imperiled salmonid species.

  • The bill encourages beaver presence widely-distributed across Oregon.
  • The bill removes the predatory animal status for beaver, which allows Oregon’s wildlife experts to manage beaver everywhere in Oregon as they do other wildlife.
  • The bill encourages the use of non-lethal co-existence tools to prevent beaver-related property and infrastructure damage.
  • The bill does not remove any tools from the toolbox for landowners in Oregon, as lethal removal of beaver is still an option.

Thank you for Taking Action for Oregon’s Wildlife.