Take Action for the Northern Spotted Owl

Conservation gains made under the iconic Northwest Forest Plan to restore the old-growth forests are at risk, putting the future of the Northern Spotted Owl in jeopardy. Urge your congressional representatives to help reinstate protections for this bird today!

During its final days in power in January, the Trump Administration exempted 3.4 million acres of old-growth forest from critical habitat protection – about one-third of the owl’s protected habitat.  The final rule came despite the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s science-based conclusion in December that northern spotted owl populations deserved to be protected as endangered due to continued habitat loss. This reckless favor to the timber industry, is likely to hasten the Northern Spotted Owl’s extinction, according to government scientists.

In partnership with other Pacific Northwest conservation groups, Bird Alliance of Oregon swiftly responded by filing a legal challenge to reinstate the federal protections. 

A photo of a Northern Spotted Owl perched on a mossy branch.
Northern Spotted Owl, photo by Scott Carpenter

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has delayed implementation of this harmful rule and has opened a public comment period – offering us a chance to help eliminate the rule for good. 

Take Action

Help put additional pressure on the Administration by emailing or calling your members of Congress to let them know that changes to the critical habitat rule must be reversed before it’s too late for the Northern Spotted Owl. 

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden – (202-224-5244)

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley – (202-224-3753)

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Talking Points

    • Please support efforts by the Biden Administration to restore critical habitat protection for the Northern Spotted Owl
    • Urge the Administration to provide additional protections for the region’s mature and old-growth forests – to provide further benefit for endangered species like the Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet – while increasing our region’s carbon sequestration and climate resilience.

Please Take Action to help ensure the Biden Administration follows through to protect these forests, the threatened birds that inhabit them, and the climate benefits they provide.