Take Action to Pass the Wildlife Coexistence Funding Package

We need your help to ensure that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) advances a funding package to promote wildlife stewardship, reduce human-wildlife conflicts, and support wildlife rehabilitation efforts in Oregon.

Great Blue Heron landing in a wetlands
Fernhill Wetlands, Forest Grove, Washington County, Oregon, USA

We have been working with the ODFW for the past six months to develop a “Wildlife Coexistence Funding Package” for the 2023/24 budget. This package, which is now in their proposed budget, will go before the ODFW Commission this coming Friday. It includes funding for the following:

      1. Five Wildlife Coexistence Biologists focused on outreach, education, and response around human interactions with wildlife, engaging and supporting Oregon’s wildlife rehabilitators and other response partners.
      2. One Communications Coordinator focused on developing and implementing proactive outreach and stakeholder engagement aimed at promoting stewardship and preventing human wildlife conflicts.
      3. $400k for Living with Wildlife Campaign (modeled after Anti-poaching Campaign)
      4. $300k grant program to support wildlife rehabilitation centers.

This represents a massive and very positive shift in the way ODFW approaches wildlife management and wildlife rehabilitation.

Take Action

Please take a few minutes to tell ODFW that you support the Wildlife Coexistence Funding Package. Emails can be short and to the point. The most important thing is that the ODFW Commissioners hear support for this package. See below for talking points.

    • Thank ODFW for bringing forward the Wildlife Coexistence Funding Package

    • Let the ODFW Commission know that you strongly support its inclusion in the ODFW budget

    • Let the ODFW Commission know that this package will help engage new audiences in conservation, promote wildlife stewardship, and reduce human-wildlife conflicts

Emails should be sent before Friday (5/13) to: odfw.commission@odfw.oregon.gov

This is a first, but very important, step in a process that will continue into the next legislative session.

Thank you for supporting Oregon’s wildlife!