Take Action to Protect Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program

Please take a few minutes and urge Oregon legislators to fully fund the marine reserves program and reinstate funding for the Community Engagement Project Leader of ODFW’s Marine Reserve Program.  

Oregon’s Marine Reserves are both living laboratories and underwater state parks, and the state’s Marine Reserves Program is the nexus between conservation, science, communities, and ocean ecosystems. It is an essential tool in managing and protecting our ocean resources, and needs adequate funding and resources to carry out its mission. These special areas protect an underwater wonderland of rocky reefs that support rockfish, sandy bottoms that support Dungeness crab and towering kelp forests that give abalone, crab and other creatures a place to call home. The Oregon Marine Reserve Program was established to better understand and protect special areas off our coast, and it has been a huge success. Lets build on this important program!

A photo of the rocky cliffs leading down to the ocean.

Editable E-mail/Letter:

Dear [Representative/Senator],

I support Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program as a proven way to protect important ocean areas and connect coastal communities with the sea. Coastal ecosystems and marine wildlife face increasing pressures as our oceans continue to change. Our marine reserves are essential to help ensure opportunities to protect wildlife, study changes in the ocean and engage coastal communities are preserved.    

I urge you to fully fund the Marine Reserves Program and reinstate the $187,000 allocated over two years to fund the Community Engagement Project Leader position within ODFW’s Marine Reserve Program. This role is an essential part of the important connections between coastal communities and Marine Reserves, and the Marine Reserves program, and coastal communities are less well served without that investment.  

Please also support all Marine Reserves investments in HB 2903 to maximize the community and ecological benefits of these pristine coastal resources. 

Thank you,

We appreciate you taking the time to advocate to protect Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program.