Take Action Today to Stop Coyote Killing Contests

SB 723, legislation to prohibit cruel and wasteful coyote killing contests in Oregon, such as the one documented in this video, had been caught up in the larger conflicts between Democrats and Republicans, and as a result has been held in the Senate Rules Committee as a possible bargaining chip.

For the coyotes targeted in these unconscionable killing contests, the passage of SB 723 this session is the difference between life and death from a cruel and wasteful practice designed to reward and incentivize people to kill as many coyotes as possible indiscriminately.

But now, thanks in large part to your calls and emails, the bill is scheduled for a hearing this Monday, May 20 at 1 p.m. in Senate Rules – and we need your help to keep up the momentum!

A coyote stands at attention in a meadow surrounded by purple flowers.
Coyote, photo by Hayley Crews

What can you do?

Please help us shine a light on coyote killing contests by reminding your state senator that this bill is important to you as a constituent and voter!

Please call or email your State Senator immediately (locate your state senator hereand ask them to support SB 723 and urge Senate Rules to move the bill to the floor for a full Senate vote.*

Suggested Coyote Killing Contest Talking Points

  • Oregon has a history of drawing the line at unfair and inhumane practices that are out of step with our humane values. Coyote killing contests are completely at odds with ethical, fair-chase hunting.
  • SB 723 is not an urban vs. rural issue. This is about the state of Oregon, and how Oregonians value and treat the public’s wildlife. We can value hunting as a tradition and establish restrictions on practices that are cruel and unsporting.
  • Oregon’s wildlife, including coyotes, belong to all of us including, the majority of Oregonians who are non-hunters.
  • A recent public opinion poll commissioned by Remington Research Group indicated a strong majority of Oregonians support legislation to ban coyote killing contests across all five congressional districts.
  • Studies show that the indiscriminate killing of native carnivores like coyotes will not protect livestock, and will not increase game species. It can even lead to an increase in coyote numbers by disrupting stable family packs, causing more reproduction.
  • There is nothing in SB 723 that would prevent lethal action from addressing conflicts with coyotes or reducing year-round hunting seasons for coyotes or their unlimited bag limits.
  • Oregon should follow in New Mexico’s humane footsteps by being the next state in the west to ban coyote killing contests.

*To find your State Senator, and to get your State Senator’s contact information, go to https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/FindYourLegislator/leg-districts.html and type your address into the field in the top right part of the page and click “Find Who Represents Me.” Remember, please contact only your “STATE SENATOR,” not anyone else for now.