Go Lights Out!

Want to make a difference for birds? It’s easier than you think!

Light pollution harms people, wildlife (especially migrating birds) and plants, and obscures our ability to see the night sky. The good news is that light pollution is easily reversible! But only if we all work together.

That’s why we’ve launched a new pilot program, asking people to Take the Pledge to go Lights Out at home, helping to reduce light pollution in the Portland metro region. By signing up, you pledge to reduce your unnecessary overnight lighting at home, and for a limited time, receive a free yard sign or window cling in honor of your commitment. The yard sign lets your neighbors know that you care about saving energy, saving birds, and seeing stars!

Take the Pledge to Go Lights Out!

Pledge to help reduce light pollution in Portland, and save energy, save birds, and see stars.

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How Do Lights Out Programs Help Birds?

Many birds migrate at night in order to avoid predation, maximize daylight foraging hours, and use celestial cues for navigation.

Bright city lights lure these nighttime migrants into urban areas and confuse them by obscuring the stars that they rely on to navigate. Once trapped in the windowed maze of the city, birds may hit buildings directly or circle buildings until they collapse from exhaustion.

Contact Your Representatives

We also want to underscore the importance of taking action on the form letter to advocate for thoughtful consideration of how we light our built landscape. Together, we can send a strong message to decision makers about creating regional standards to decrease light pollution.

Learn more about this issue here, and help us keep migrating birds on their path, improve human health, and let the stars shine brightly over our city.