Tell Metro No Toxic Waste Dump at Willamette Cove

We need your help to ensure that a public natural area is not used as a toxic waste dump. Metro bought Willamette Cove, a 27-acre site along the Willamette River in 1996 with greenspace bond measure dollars to be used as a public natural area. 25 years later, the site still is not open to the public because of contamination issues. Unfortunately Metro has proposed only a partial cleanup of Willamette Cove which would leave 23,000 cubic yards of contaminated waste on the site, burying it underground beneath permanent caps.

Metro has refused to support an alternative cleanup option of removing all contaminated soil that exceeds human health risk levels from the site altogether, even though this option is safer — and more durable. Leaving contaminated waste on this site will increase public risk and limit public use. Metro should not allow a public natural area to be used as a permanent contaminated waste dump.

An aerial photo of the Willamette Cove site, showing the Willamette River and the waterfront.

Metro has been hiding behind confidential cleanup agreements and its attorneys in explaining why it cannot support a more aggressive cleanup of this site. This Thursday, December 10, at 2 p.m., the Metro Council will hear a resolution on Willamette Cove. The resolution does some good things but it misses on the most important point, agreeing to remove all contaminated waste that exceeds human health risk levels from the site. Please help us send Metro Council a strong message!

Take Action

There are two ways you can make your voice heard. See talking points below.

  1. Email Comments: To Submit Written Testimony, send to:
  2. Testify at the Hearing: The hearing is on Thursday, December 10 at 2 p.m. (RESOLUTION 20-5149) To sign-up to testify orally send an email request to speak on Willamette Cove : or just go to the virtual hearing and “raise your hand” when they ask if anybody wants to comment.

Anyone can view the Hearing by either of the following methods: or 888-475-4499 (toll free)

Talking Points

Please let the Metro Council know:

  • Willamette Cove should not be used as a contaminated waste dump. Metro Council should amend the resolution to explicitly support a cleanup alternative which removes all contaminated soils that exceed human health risk levels from Willamette Cove.
  • Cleanup of public sites should not be governed by secret agreements. Metro should be completely transparent about all aspects of the Willamette Cove Cleanup.
  • The commitments in the resolution to engage in a robust public process regarding the future of Willamette Cove and making Willamette Cove eligible for 2019 greenspace bond measure funding are positive steps forward but they are not enough—Metro must also commit to a full cleanup of the site.

Thank you for advocating for the health of the Willamette River and the Willamette Cove.