Tell Oregon Officials to Advance Protections for Our State Forests

A critical vote for forest conservation in Oregon will happen at the Board of Forestry meeting on October 6. We need your help to urge the Board of Forestry to vote YES to work on a draft Habitat Conservation Plan that will protect approximately 300,000 acres of state forest from industrial timber harvest.

For more than two years, the Department of Forestry has been developing a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) for the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests. These public lands provide habitat for a wide array of imperiled species but have been subject to decades of mismanagement that has prioritized timber harvest over conservation of natural resources. The proposed Habitat Conservation Plan would provide protection for habitat of 16 imperiled species including federally listed Marbled Murrelets, Northern Spotted Owls, salmon and steelhead. However, this will only happen if the Board of Forestry votes to proceed forward with the HCP.

A photo of a Northern Spotted Owl flying in a forest.
Northern Spotted Owl in an old growth forest, photo by Scott Carpenter

The proposed habitat conservation plan for state forests would provide significant, durable forest protections for six wild salmon and steelhead strongholds: the Wilson, Salmonberry, Nehalem, Miami, Trask, and Kilchis Rivers. It would also put 50 percent of the total forest in conservation for the next 70 years.

The plan, driven by extensive public input, represents a workable compromise that balances timber harvest with fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and clean water. But there are strong voices from timber companies and timber-aligned politicians to reject the Habitat Conservation Plan and prioritize timber harvest over all other values.

Take Action

Please tell the Oregon Board of Forestry to advance the Habitat Conservation Plan at their next meeting on October 6.

How to comment: Send comments to and put “HCP Board Decision” in the subject line.

See talking points below.

Talking Points

  • Urge the Board of Forestry to advance the Western Oregon Forests Habitat Conservation Plan
  • Support the staff recommendation to “finalize the administrative draft of the HCP and move into the NEPA process.”
  • Let the Board of Forestry know that you support durable habitat protections for imperiled species such as salmon, steelhead, Marbled Murrelets and Spotted Owls and a Habitat Conservation Plan is the best way to accomplish this objective.
  • A Habitat Conservation Plan is the best way forward to achieve multiple values including species conservation, clean water, recreation and sustainable predictable harvest.
  • Thank ODF for its work on this plan and strongly urge them to complete the work.

Learn More

Learn more about the plan at these links from Oregon Department of Forestry:

A vote to advance the plan on October 6th is not the end of the process. The plan will need to be refined, finalized and adopted. However the vote on October 6th will either keep this important plan moving forward or perpetuate unsustainable logging practices. It is time to move forward.