Tell the City to Follow Through on its Commitment to Ban New Fossil Fuel Facilities

Attend upcoming hearing and rally to ensure that the City follows through on its commitment to ban new fossil fuel facilities.

Last fall Portland City Council passed a historic resolution to ban new fossil fuel facilities in the city, putting Portland at the forefront of the climate justice movement. The resolution was the result of massive grassroots advocacy and the leadership of Mayor Hales and City Council. Now, we need to hold the City to their word as they work to implement this resolution into binding city code. Overall, the proposed code is a strong step forward, but it could be made stronger.

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Take Action

Email comments to Planning and Sustainability Commission:
Subject line: PSC Fossil Fuel Zoning Testimony
Provide the PSC with your full name and mailing address in letter.

Tell the City of Portland to amend the proposed draft to better reflect the city’s fossil fuel goals laid out in the resolution last fall. Send a comment urging that the City amend the proposal to reflect the city’s fossil fuel goes laid out in the resolution:

  • Enact a full ban on all new fossil fuel terminals, large or small. An exception for new facilities that are 5 million gallons or less is unnecessary. The City’s code changes should not allow more unit trains of dangerous fossil fuels like Bakken crude oil.
  • Strengthen restrictions on expansions allowed at existing facilities through adding binding limits in the City’s non-conforming use review process.
  • Prevent any aggregate increase in fossil fuel infrastructure in Portland.

Attend upcoming hearing and rally to show support for a full ban.

Planning and Sustainability Commission Public Hearing
When: September 13, 2016 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Where: 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 2500 Portland OR

Rally with partner groups 350PDX, Columbia Riverkeeper, Physicians for Social Responsibility and more starts outside at 11:45 with music, food, and art. Wear red to show support for a true ban!

Act now to ensure Portland fulfills the promise of its historic fossil fuel resolution.