Urge Lawmakers to Say No to HB 3382 to Protect Estuaries!

Please take action today and urge State Legislators on the Joint Committee on Transportation to say “no” to House Bill 3382. If passed, this would allow ports and other corporate entities a fast pass to dredge environmentally sensitive coastal estuaries without demonstrating adequate compliance with state or local land use law.

There have been a few amendments to narrow and “improve” the original bill language; but even still, it dramatically expands the list of entities that can apply for expanded dredging in fragile estuary habitat (where freshwater from rivers or streams flow into salt water from the ocean). The types of dredging activities targeted by this bill include blasting bedrock to dramatically expand navigation channels on a scale that could fundamentally alter the tidal circulation and sediment dynamics of an entire estuary. This bill would jeopardize ongoing efforts to update Oregon’s estuary management plans, with direct impacts to fragile coastal ecosystems so important for wildlife, migratory birds, as well as Oregon’s economically important fisheries.

Coos Bay / Sunset Bay State Park
Coos Bay / Sunset Bay State Park, photo by Rick Obst

Take Action

There will be a public hearing on this bill tomorrow (Tuesday, May 16) at 5 p.m. The status of the bill will be presented at the Joint Transportation Committee and will be streamed live here. Please send in a written comment to say No to HB 3382.

  1. Sign-up for oral testimony here and/or;
  2. Submit a written comment here (see draft letter below)

Click HERE for additional talking points.

Dunlin (with Western Sandpiper)
Dunlin, Western Sandpiper, photo by Mick Thompson

Sample Written Comment:

Dear members of the Joint Committee on Transportation, 

Thank you for your work during this legislative session. I am writing to express my opposition to the Port Dredging Exemption Bill, HB 3382. HB 3382 enables major deepwater ports in Oregon to bypass essential land use and environmental regulations for the sake of fast-tracking extensive dredging and channel modification. This bill sets a dangerous precedent, jeopardizing the health of some of the most ecologically important and sensitive waterways in our state. It would also have a negative impact on local coastal economies including oyster aquaculture, crabbing, and fishing. Please vote no on HB 3382. 



Contact Information

If you are represented by one of the legislators on the committee (listed below) please call to let them know not to support this bad bill:

Rep. Susan McLain (West Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove): 503-986-1429

Sen. Lew Frederick (N and NE Portland): 503-986-1722

Sen. Aaron Woods (Charbonneau, King City, Metzger, Sherwood, Tigard, Wilsonville, SE Beaverton): 503-986-1713

Rep. Paul Evans (Independence, Monmouth, North and West Salem): 503-986-1420

Rep. Nancy Nathanson (Eugene): 503-986-1413 

Rep. Khanh Pham (SE Portland): 503-986-1446

Also, you can contact the chief sponsors of this problematic bill. You can access their phone numbers here:

Rep. David Gomberg (Lincoln and Western Benton & Lane Counties): 503-986-1410

Rep. Paul Evans (Monmouth): 503-986-1420

Rep. Ken Helm (Beaverton and Cedar Hills): 503-986-1427


Thank you for adding your voice to stop HB 3382.