Urge Oregon Legislators to Fully Fund the Marine Reserves Program

Thank you all so much for your support helping move the Oregon Marine Reserves Bill (HB 4132 A) through its first legislative committee successfully! The bill is now in the Joint Ways and Means Committee. We need your support again to let the legislators on this committee know how important this bill is and to urge them to vote yes! 

Oregon’s Marine Reserves are both living laboratories and underwater state parks that protect almost 10% of our state waters for biodiversity. It’s an essential program for managing and protecting our ocean habitat but needs adequate funding and resources to carry out its mission. In 2022 Oregon State University conducted a 10-year review of the Marine Reserves Program and recommended increased investment in the program including:

    • More robust long-term ecological and socio-economic monitoring
    • Better engagement with coastal communities (including tribes)
    • Develop strategies to enhance ecological resilience to climate change stressors

HB 4132 A essentially moves forward the OSU science-based recommendations. For a relatively small fiscal request ($1.1 million biennium) the ODFW Marine Reserves Program will be fully supported and help keep Oregon’s ocean healthy for years to come.

Cape Perpetua, photo by Oregon Marine Reserves
Cape Perpetua, photo by Oregon Marine Reserves

Editable Email/Letter: 

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Support HB 4132 A Oregon’s Marine Reserves and Protected Areas

Dear XXX,

Please support HB 4132 A to support a strong Oregon Marine Reserves Program so we can help ensure our iconic Oregon oceans can support healthy populations of fish and wildlife and support sustainable and thriving coastal economies. This bill has strong bipartisan support and is based on science-based recommendations from Oregon State University’s 10-year review of the Program.  

I support Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program as a proven way to protect important ocean areas and connect coastal communities with the sea. Coastal ecosystems and marine wildlife face increasing pressures as our oceans continue to change. Our marine reserves are essential to help ensure opportunities to protect wildlife, study changes in the ocean and engage coastal communities.

Thank you,

Thank you for advocating to support HB 4132 A to fund Oregon’s Marine Reserves Program!