Urge State Parks to Protect Wildlife by Regulating Drone Use – Comment period extended!

After public demand, Oregon State Parks has extended their comment period regarding new rules for drone take-off and landings within State Parks and along the ocean shore until Friday April 15. For those of you who already submitted a comment – Thank you!  For those of you who haven’t, you still have a chance to help protect nesting birds, marine mammals, and other wildlife from drone disturbances. We need more public comments to build our case.  Please take a couple of minutes and submit a comment.

A photo of a drone hovering over the beach at sunset.

Take Action

Email comments by April 15, 2022 to OPRD.publiccomment@oprd.oregon.gov.

See draft comments below for assistance with your messaging.

Snowy Plover, photo by Mick Thompson

Draft Comments

(please be sure to recommend all areas closed to drones except in allowable areas based on the best available science):

I urge Oregon State Parks to close drone use in State Parks and the ocean shore unless otherwise indicated as designated drone take-off and landing areas. Please set up a technical committee to use the best available science to determine appropriate designated drone take-off and landing areas.  This will help minimize wildlife disturbance impacts from drones and allow for peaceful and safe experiences for the many thousands of people that visit our iconic state parks and natural areas.  

Background: Over a million seabirds and shorebirds nest along Oregon’s coastline every year including the endangered Western Snowy Plover and species of concern like the Tufted Puffin and Black Oystercatcher. This opportunity will also help preserve peaceful experiences for those who want to explore Oregon’s natural places and to recreate safely.

Wildlife disturbances due to improper drone use are increasing on Oregon’s iconic coast and state parks where thousands of visitors come every year. As visitation increases we need to be proactive to minimize wildlife disturbance balanced with appropriate drone use.

Here’s a link to our previous action alert for more context, if needed,