Urge the House Committee to Reduce Light Pollution by Voting Yes on HB 3202

Today we need your help to pass HB 3202, Oregon Night Sky Protection Act, which would reduce light pollution across Oregon by requiring outdoor lighting fixtures on state lands to be shielded, no brighter than necessary, and to use lighting with a color temperature no greater than 3,000 Kelvins.

This bill aims to reduce the unnecessary and oftentimes excessive outdoor artificial light at night that imperils millions of night migrating birds, disrupts carefully choreographed ecosystem functions, interferes with human health and safety, wastes money and energy, contributes to climate change, and damages dark sky tourism.

HB 3202 demonstrates the state’s leadership in taking a critical step toward curtailing the growing threat to our night skies, our wildlife, and our own human health. Many other states have already established bills to protect their night skies — it’s time for Oregon to get to work on addressing this issue. It’s easier to protect our night skies while we still have them than to try to restore them once they are gone.

We have a hearing on this bill on Tuesday night! Please take action expressing your support for this bill!

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Click here to send an email to the House Joint Committee on Transportation today urging them to vote yes on HB3202!

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Lights Out Event 2022
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Thank you for your urgent action to protect our night skies!