Urge the ODFW to Uplist the Marbled Murrelet to Endangered

Please urge the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission to vote to uplist the Marbled Murrelet from threatened to endangered under the Oregon Endangered Species Act. The weight of scientific evidence is clear – many threats including habitat fragmentation, climate change, ocean warming, predation, and large-scale disturbances like wildfire have put the Marbled Murrelet at risk of future extinction in our state. Uplisting the murrelet would initiate a process to develop and adopt a long-term recovery and management plan for this imperiled species.

A photo of a Marbled Murrelet flying low over the water.
Marbled Murrelet, photo by Robin Corcoran/USFWS

The decision before the Commission on July 9 provides an important opportunity to demonstrate true conservation leadership. Instead of maintaining the status quo, which ensures a bleak outlook for this birds’ future, the Commission should choose to take proactive measures and actions that put the species on a path toward recovery. The Commission also has an opportunity to restore public trust after reversing an earlier decision to uplist the murrelet several years ago after bending to pressure from the timber industry.

Take Action

Email your comment to:

ODFW.Commission@odfw.oregon.gov before their July 9 meeting. You can address your email to the ODFW Commission (Chair Wahl and Members of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission)

Talking points: 

  • Personalize your comment by saying something about yourself and why you care about this issue.  If you are a coastal resident, business owner, scientist, or other relevant professional or stakeholder, consider including that information.
  • Urge the Commission to follow the science and uplist the Marbled Murrelet to Endangered. The full weight of scientific evidence and the growing threats of habitat loss, climate change at sea (increasing warm ocean conditions) and on land (more forest fires) place this bird in danger of extinction.
  • Improving management of murrelets in state forests is a critical piece of the puzzle for this species recovery.  
  • Current timber management in state forests is not adequate for long term survival of this species. We need mandatory survival guidelines and management plans to ensure a successful recovery of this species.

Thank you for speaking-up for Oregon’s Wildlife.