Urge the Oregon Legislature to Restore ODFW’s Marine Reserve Funding

Please take a few minutes and send a ‘digital postcard’ to your legislator! We need your help to save ODFW’s Marine Reserve program from funding cuts. Please ask the Joint Ways and Means Committee to include the Marine Reserve Community Engagement position in ODFW’s budget. This position is an important complement to HB 2903 A – the larger Marine Reserves Bill. Together they will help set Oregon’s Marine Reserve Program on a path to maximize community and ecological benefits of these vital coastal resources

The Community Engagement position provides a critical connection point between coastal communities and our Marine Reserves and spreads awareness about opportunities to engage.

Please submit this ‘digital postcard’ in the body of your email by this Saturday, March 18. 

Take Action

Step 1

Please submit this ‘digital postcard’ in the body of your email by this Saturday, March 18th. Simply copy and paste the image below into the body of the email. Right click on the image and then press save or save as.

A digital postcard that says "Put the community back in Marine Reserves"

Step 2:

Email your legislature. Find your legislature’s information at the bottom of this page.

Subject line Suggestions:

  • Re: SB 5509 – Put the Community Back in Marine Reserves
  • Re: SB 5509 – Please Keep ODFW’s Marine Reserve Program Whole

Below the image, address your legislator: in 1-3 sentences explain why it’s important to you that the Marine Reserve budget stays whole. Be sure to sign off with your full name, what city/town/county you live in, and your job title if relevant. 

Here is one example, but make it your own: 

Dear Representative/Senator ___ (last name is fine)

I am urging you to reinstate the $187k biennium allocated for the Communications Project Leader of ODFW’s Marine Reserve Program.  Positions like this are an important connection point between coastal communities and Marine Reserves, and our coastal communities suffer without that investment.

Thank you,

Your Name

Find Your Legislature

Not sure if your Representative or Senator is on the list? Click on this link and find out.

Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources Members (highest priority)

Full Joint Committee on Ways and Means