Attend Virtual Hearing to Urge Agencies to Envision a Better Future for Salmon and Dams

For twenty years, the US Army Corps of Engineers has failed to address salmon declines on the Columbia and Snake River Systems. Instead they have scapegoated birds like cormorants and terns for doing what comes naturally. It is long past time for real solutions, but the Corps has once again brought forward a plan that fails to address the dams. We need your voice to demand real solutions. It is time to address the dams!

A night time rally with dozens of folks in front of a lit up sign that says "Free the Snake"
Rallying advocates during NEPA hearings in 2016.

Despite efforts by Bird Alliance of Oregon and coalition members to push for postponing public hearings and extending the comment period due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, federal agencies’ have pushed forward with their very short 45-day public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Columbia-Snake river salmon and steelhead.  The new plan that they have released perpetuates 25 years of illegal and costly management that has pushed salmon, orca, and other fish and wildlife populations to the brink of extinction. This status quo approach will extend the persecution of native wildlife such as the Double Crested Cormorant and other natural predators, while ignoring the route cause of salmon decline – the dams. 

Attend a Virtual Public Hearing

There are 3 upcoming “virtual” public hearings where you have the chance to hear other advocates weigh-in on the future management of the Columbia River System, and an opportunity for yourself to advocate for a plan that addresses the impacts of the dams and leads towards species and ecosystem recovery. 

All “virtual” hearings start at 4 p.m. PST, include a brief introduction to the project, and are open until 8 p.m. Note that it is only necessary to stay on the call after you’re able to testify, but you can remain on to hear other advocates testify (Bird Alliance of Oregon staff will be testifying on each of the upcoming dates).

Click the hearing date links (above) to see our talking points, call-in information, and further instructions. We hope to hear you on the line at one of the upcoming hearings. 


Talking Points

  • The Agencies preferred alternative perpetuates an approach that has pushed salmon, orca and other fish and wildlife populations to the edge of extinction, and led to the unnecessary scapegoating of native wildlife like Double Crested Cormorants 
  • The Agencies preferred alternative is a huge waste of public resources and perpetuates the status quo – which has been rejected 5 times by a federal court over the last 25 years. 
  • The Plan must focus on three things: Removal of four obsolete Snake River Dams, increased flows over Columbia River Dams and habitat restoration
  • Persecution of native predator species must be eliminated from this plan
  • Real solutions for NW salmon, other wildlife and people will come from NW people – policymakers, sovereigns (states and tribes), stakeholders, and communities working urgently together to craft inclusive, creative solutions to our shared problems and bring all communities forward together.