Vote to Protect the Environment This November

This November, voters have two really important opportunities to protect natural areas in the Portland region. We will be working hard between now and November to ensure the passage of Measure 26-204 to protect the Bull Run Watershed and Portland’s drinking water as well as Measure 26-203 to secure funding for the conservation of habitat and greenspaces across the region.

Vote yes on these measures to ensure that we protect our environment!


Nature for All – Regional Greenspace Bond Measure

Our system of parks, trails, and natural areas is one of the defining features of the Portland Metro Region (Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties). From Oxbow Park to Smith and Bybee to the Chehalem Ridge, it is almost impossible to imagine our region without this incredible network of greenspaces.

This system protects biodiversity, cleans our air and water, provides access to nature, creates landscape resiliency in the face of climate change, and helps drive our green economy.

If passed, 26-203 will secure $475 million in funding to protect the most at risk natural areas in the region. Learn more about the measure and how you can help ensure its passage.


Protect the Bull Run and Portland’s Drinking Water

The Bull Run Watershed on the Mt. Hood National Forest has been providing pure, high quality drinking water for the City of Portland since 1895. There is nothing more fundamental to a healthy community than protecting our water.

Measure 26-204 would enshrine protections for lands owned by the City of Portland in the Bull Run Watershed in the Portland City Charter where they could only be changed by Portland voters in a future election.

These protections are essential to safeguarding our water source and providing an undisturbed refuge for fish and wildlife.

Learn more about the measure and how you can help ensure its passage. 

Northern Spotted Owl
Northern Spotted Owl in an old growth forest, photo by Scott Carpenter