Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 26-225 to Support Parks and Nature

Bird Alliance of Oregon urges you to vote YES this November on Measure 26-225 to renew the Metro Parks and Nature Levy. The levy funds the restoration of habitat for fish and wildlife, maintenance of Metro Parks and Natural Areas, and programs that increase access to nature. We have an amazing system of parks and natural areas in the Metro Region that protects our water quality, provides habitat for a huge array of species, provides resilience against climate change and provides incredible opportunities to experience nature from our urban core to the edges of our region. The Metro Levy provides essential funds to ensure that these special places are well maintained, restored, and accessible.

The measure has been endorsed by a wide array of conservation groups, social justice groups, and business alliances because it is good for our environment, community health, and our economy. Bird Alliance of Oregon is proud to have endorsed Measure 26-225 and to serve on its steering committee.

Please Vote Yes on 26-225!

We need your help to ensure that this measure passes! This will be a crowded ballot and it’s critical that we are able to get the word out. There are several ways you can help including spreading the word among your friends, endorsing (either individually or as an organization) and donating to the campaign.

Forest walking path with Yes on Measure 26-225

How You Can Help

  1. You can VOTE YES on Measure 26-225 on the November ballot.
  2. You can LEARN MORE about Measure 26-225 here.
  3. You can ENDORSE (individual or organization) the measure here.
  4. You can DONATE here.

This measure renews an existing levy that passed twice previously with broad support from metro area voters and does not increase taxes. Some people wonder how this differs from Greenspace Bond Measure that passed in 2019. The answer is that bond measures pays for capital expenses such as purchasing land while levy funds operational expenses such as maintaining and restoring natural areas. The two go hand in hand and both are essential to support, protect and restore nature across the Metro Region.

We have an amazing system of parks and natural areas but we also have much to do to ensure that they are maintained and restored, and that people throughout the region have equitable access to nature and outdoor programs. This measure is about continuing the work of creating a region that has clean water, healthy fish and wildlife populations, and is climate resilient and equitable.

Thank you for supporting parks and natural areas!