Your Voice Needed to Pass Historic Ban on Fossil Fuels

The City of Portland is poised to do something historic! Next Thursday (November 12) the Portland City Council will consider a resolution that would put in place the strongest policies against fossil fuel shipments in the country. The resolution would put in place binding policy that would prohibit all projects that create new or expanded large-scale infrastructure to store or transport fossil fuels in Portland. Mayor Hales and Commissioner Fritz are sponsoring this resolution—we need to make sure that the rest of council joins them.

A crowd of concerned community members holding up "No Terminal" signs at a Pembina hearing.
Pembina Hearing, photo by Tinsley Hunsdorfer

Six months ago you helped ensure that Portland said “No” to the giant Pembina Propane Terminal. Now we have an unprecedented opportunity to say “No” to new pipelines and new fossil fuel terminals altogether!

Here is How You Can Help:

  1. Write to City Council and tell them you support the resolution banning major new fossil fuel transport and large-scale storage infrastructure.Contact your Council Members and ask them to support the resolution:
    Commissioner Nick Fish: 503-823-3589 |
    Commissioner Steve Novick: 503-823-4682 |
    Commissioner Dan Saltzman: 503-823-4151 | dan@portlandoregon.govThank Mayor Hales and Commissioner Fritz for their leadership and hard work to put this forward:
    Mayor Charlie Hales: 503-823-4120 |
    Commissioner Amanda Fritz: 503-823-3008 |
  2. Come to the hearing and show your support for the resolution banning major new fossil fuel transport and storage infrastructure. Wear Red to show your solidarity.

    : Thursday, November 12 at 2 p.m.
    Where: Portland City Hall 1221 SW 4th Avenue

Key Messages:

  • Portland City Council should pass the resolution to ban major new fossil fuel storage and transport facilities in Portland.
  • It is critical that the City not water down the resolution, specifically through amendments that would require further studies on safety and economic analysis that we already have more than adequate information on. We already know that the transportation of fossil fuels through our communities is not safe and we know that continuing to expand on fossil fuel infrastructure is not sustainable.
  • The construction of new fossil fuel transport and storage facilities on top of an earthquake liquefaction zone along Portland’s rivers would add to an already dangerous and explosive situation presented by the existing fossil fuel tank farms along our rivers. As a matter of health and safety, Portland should say “NO” to new fossil fuel transport and storage infrastructure.
  • Thank Mayor Hales and Commissioner Fritz for their amazing leadership on this issue!

Giant fossil fuel companies are not going to go down easily. We need every voice on this one. We already said no to Pembina. Now lets say no to all new fossil fuel transport and storage infrastructure facilities altogether!