Youth Education

Environmental education is about creating a moment that inspires someone to fall in love with nature, to feel awe, wonder, and a connection to the natural world. Our vast array of hands-on programming sets the stage for youth of all ages to learn, play, explore, and develop their own personal relationship with nature.

Through community partnerships, school-based programming, camps, and mentorship, Bird Alliance of Oregon’s programs offer a welcoming and inclusive place for youth to connect with the natural world and each other.

Our Approach

Our professional Environmental Educators recognize that children have varying learning styles and differences, come from a wide array of backgrounds, and have had different life experiences.

Our expressed goal of removing barriers by centering relationships between staff and participant empowers youth to access nature, foster awareness, create future leaders in the conservation movement, and promote personal growth.

Our programs are:

Safe: Our educators come with years of experience leading programs for students from all backgrounds, making safety the top priority. All of our educators are CPR and First Aid Certified.

Educational: At the end of each day it is our hope that each student walks away having learned something new. This could be anything from the life cycle of a salmon to how to work through a conflict with a friend. Our educators have years of experience adapting and molding curriculum to best suit students’ needs to meet a variety of learning styles and differences.

Fun:  Our programs make learning fun and engaging through games, unstructured play, exploration, art, and storytelling.  With new friends, big belly laughs, and nature as their playground and teacher, kids come to learn and play.

A Western Red-backed Salamander being handled by youth and environmental educator, photo by Tara Lemezis

Inclusive: Nature is for everyone. We strive to create an inclusive environment for children from all backgrounds. We help foster friendships, teamwork and inclusiveness among all youth in order to create a community of support and care, both for one another and for the environment.

Experiential: Our programs are designed to be hands-on, where problem solving and thought-provoking challenges are presented daily.

Student Directed: Our programs are flexible, providing the space for students to find and explore their passions within nature outside of set curriculum and schedules.

Empowering: At the end of the day our greatest hope is to inspire and empower kids to make a difference for the environment, and the people and wildlife that depend on it.

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