What is Bird Alliance of Oregon Outdoor School?

Bird Alliance of Oregon has been running Outdoor School for schools in our region, at our site outside of Sandy, Oregon for over 25 years, with our main goal of inspiring youth to connect with nature! Bordering the Bull Run Watershed, Marmot Cabin is the perfect place for youth to learn about wildlife, healthy ecosystems and natural history. With options for overnight trips, day programs, and a classic 5-day Outdoor School experience. Our expert instructors provide a safe space for youth to learn, explore, and connect with both the land and each other, grounding them in science, and instilling a love and understanding for the natural world.

Our in-depth Outdoor School curriculum is tailored to teachers’ interests and students’ grade level, providing immersive nature education that inspires and educates kids about the natural world. Watch your students’ senses soar as they take hikes and learn about Pacific Northwest ecology, track animals along a stream, learn how to identify plants and learn the subtleties of bird language and animal adaptations. We aim to inspire each child to continue their exploration of the natural world long after our programs have ended.

Our brand new 3,200 square foot cabin and two 30 foot yurts can accommodate groups of up to 60 students. Our facilities are ADA accessible and have many elements to showcase sustainable and bird-safe building practices.

Information for Teachers

Your Students Will:

  • Engage in field science and hands on experiential lessons and activities. 
  • Investigate Animal Adaptations, Habitats and Food Webs by exploring our 91-acre wildlife sanctuary or local natural areas for native flora and fauna. 
  • Study different ways to learn about ecology, habitats and Ethnobotany, analyzing and interpreting the multiple habitats at our site or at local natural areas. 
  • Build critical thinking skills by making observations and creating connections regarding the interdependent relationships in ecosystems. 
  • Create bonds through teamwork activities, collaboration and games and that will pay dividends throughout the school year and inspire them to continue to be lifelong learners.
Outdoor School at Marmot Cabin

Why Bird Alliance of Oregon Outdoor School is Great for You:

  • We are an accredited Outdoor School For All provider.
  • Our custom curriculum aligns with your grade’s state standards, allowing your students to have an immersive, hands on science-based experience. 
  • Outdoor School creates a space for your students to really get to know each other, creating a strong bond and a sense of community.
  • With several options of programming including day-trips or overnight excursions, we work with you to provide the type of program that will best fit with your schedule and your student’s needs.
  • All of our programs are taught by expert educators with years of experience in environmental education.

Outdoor School For All Curriculum Options

  • OPTION A: Immersive Wilderness Experience
    ODS FOR ALL Fee: $375/per student, includes 1 teacher & 2 chaperones/per class *inquire about a 4 or 5 day program.
    Includes: 3 days, 2 nights at Marmot Cabin
  • OPTION B: Outdoor School to You
    ODS FOR ALL Fee:
    $260/per student – *inquire about a 3-day program schedule
    Includes: 4 days, 0 overnights, with field trips and visits to your classroom, we can adjust # of days to your schedule
  • OPTION C: Immersive Outdoor School Experience at the Bird Alliance of Oregon Sanctuary
    ODS FOR ALL Fee:
    $260/per student – *inquire about a 3-day program schedule
    Includes: 4 days, 0 overnights, with field trips and visits to your classroom. Days and timing can be adjusted to suit your schedule and meet your classes’ needs.

For more information about Outdoor School with Bird Alliance of Oregon

Contact Abby Vanleuven, Assistant Director of Youth Learning and Engagement at avanleuven@birdallianceoregon.org for information about program registration, curriculum, pricing, and scholarship opportunities.

Outdoor School students at the Marmot Cabin Sanctuary, photo by Ali Berman.

Bird Alliance of Oregon is proud to have worked with the Outdoor School for All initiative, helping to secure funding for a week of Outdoor School for every 5th or 6th grader in Oregon.