Habitat and Wildlife

At the core of Bird Alliance of Oregon’s mission is protecting Oregon’s wildlife and the habitats on which they depend. In its early years, we successfully advocated for the creation of the first wildlife refuges in the west at Malheur, Klamath and Three Arch Rocks as well as many of Oregon’s national forests. Bird Alliance of Oregon was also a pioneer in the field of urban conservation recognizing that protecting nature close to home is critical to the health of our communities and that urban landscapes have a profound impact on the health or our ecosystems.

Bird Alliance of Oregon has worked for decades to build, protect and restore a system of interconnected urban greenspaces and to integrate nature into the built environment.

Our Work

Today we work across all of Oregon, from the oceans in the west to the deserts in the east to protect wildlife and wild place and to connect people with conservation. Bird Alliance of Oregon’s conservation priorities are guided by three primary goals:

  • Creating the greenest metropolitan region in the United States
  • Protecting birds across Oregon’s landscape
  • Creating climate resilient landscapes

Bird Alliance of Oregon uses a variety of tools to achieve its conservation goals. This includes advocacy, public policy, science, outreach and litigation. We strive to collaborate wherever possible but are willing to fight when necessary to protect wildlife, wild places and the health of our communities. At the core of our efforts is grassroots engagement. The strength of our work has always been our community. Please get involved–we need your voice!