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Cape Perpetua, photo by Oregon Marine Reserves

Urge Oregon Legislators to Fully Fund the Marine Reserves Program

Take action to support HB 4132 A to support a strong Oregon Marine Reserves Program so we can help ensure our iconic Oregon oceans can support healthy populations of fish and wildlife and support sustainable and thriving coastal economies. This bill has strong bipartisan support and is based on science-based recommendations from Oregon State University’s 10-year review of the Program.

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Cape Perpetua - Wildlife Care Center - Portland, OR

Help Us Keep Wildlife and Nature in the Spotlight this Legislative Session

The Oregon legislature begins a 35-day sprint to get a dizzying array of bills over the finish line. We’ve been working for months to prepare for the session, and we have identified three priority issue areas. We need your help to make sure our elected officials hear loud and clear that their constituents want them to take action to protect Oregon’s wildlife and wild places.

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Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

Urge Oregon Legislators to Support HB 4132 to Fully Fund the Marine Reserves Program 

Oregon’s Marine Reserves are both living laboratories and underwater state parks, and the state’s Marine Reserves Program is the nexus between conservation, science, communities, and ocean ecosystems. It’s an essential tool in managing and protecting our ocean habitat but needs adequate funding and resources to carry out its mission.

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Northern Spotted Owl perched on a mossy branch

Keep the Northwest Forest Plan Strong for Spotted Owls and Other Wildlife

For decades, the landmark Northwest Forest Plan has helped protect mature and old-growth forests, Northern Spotted Owls, Marbled Murrelets, and other imperiled fish and wildlife on federal lands throughout the Pacific Northwest. Now, the Forest Service is proposing to amend the Plan, and we need your help to make sure its conservation goals are maintained and strengthened in this era of climate change. 

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Marbled Murrelet chick on nest in old growth forest

Speak Up to Protect Wildlife and Habitats in Our State Forests!  

The Board of Forestry has scheduled three listening sessions next week to gather public comments on the Western Forests Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and the broader Forest Management Plan (FMP). These special public comment opportunities are provided in follow-up to recently released information about long-term timber harvest and revenue projections on State Forest land under the proposed HCP and will likely be the last chance for the public to provide formal comments on the HCP and long-term management of over 600,000 acres of state forest.

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